How to Have an Efficient Kitchen Island When You Remodel!

Islands have become a staple kitchen remodeling inclusion when creating an efficient workspace that is not just useful, but multi-functional.

When planning kitchen renovations, it’s a good idea to start out by designing the island first, since this fixture is usually the center of attention in the kitchen.

So how can you get the most from this space in your home?

Consider the many ways that your kitchen island can be used, then design accordingly!

How Will A Kitchen Island Be Used?

The main factor to consider when doing a kitchen reno that includes an island is that these days, islands are a lot more than simply an additional food preparation surface.

They provide ample, additional storage for appliances, pots and pans, or what-have-you; they offer a place for the kids to do their homework close by while dinner is being prepped; and create a casual dining area, too.

How About Adding a Cooktop?

Depending on the size and design, kitchen islands as part of a kitchen remodeling project can hold cooktops in a more convenient location than against the wall and even deep sinks for easier cleanup.

When doing a kitchen renovation, islands are also the perfect location to fit additional appliances like dishwashers and wine coolers that may not fit elsewhere in the kitchen or they can provide convenient open shelving for dishware and other frequently used items.

What Can Kitchen Islands Be Used?

Those are far from the only ways that kitchen remodeling to include a big island can increase the efficiency and utility of your kitchen.

Larger islands make suitable work-at-home solutions when you want to get out from behind a cramped desk or if there is no home office space available.

They also function as a crafting space in an area that can be easily kept clean.

How Should A Kitchen Island Be Placed?

Considering all of those possibilities, getting the layout of your kitchen island right is essential.

A great kitchen renovation must therefore include the little details necessary to make the island as useful as possible.

Beautiful and bright overhead lighting is a must for kitchen renovations, as is a durable and stylish countertop with enough overhang for comfortable seating.

The island should also be designed in such a way that moving from it to the other appliances and work areas in the kitchen is easy.

Ready To Get Started On Your Kitchen Remodel?

So what’s the first step in kitchen remodeling to achieve the perfect island for your home and your family?

Making a call to find experienced kitchen reno specialists!